all world

There was a world where nobody was discriminated against, a world of smiles without sorrow. But...

This is the promotional website of the silent book “ALL WORLD”, presented by the illustrated book author Sota Fukushima.

All World

The girl laments this falling apart world where people hurt and contradict each other, and she wishes for a world of smiles, where no one is sad. An ideal world, completely just. But there is a great contradiction there.

Everybody has both positive and negative aspects in all facets. For this reason, humans are humans and all the world has “ALL” kind of diversity.

The girl, however, does not face this contradiction and she tries to create an ideal world. As might be expected, with the disappearance of sorrow from the world, everybody is losing their identity and when the world reaches perfection…

This book also has both positive and negative aspects. It may not be easy to read it. But here, I expressed something that could be represented only in this way.

There is no absolutely right way to be neither for people nor for the world. face to face with “ALL” and keeping on trying to find your own answer. I think that these are the most important things when we care about someone. I have created this book, so that it can help you in this.


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sota fukushima

Japanese illustrated book author. He was born in 1990. When he was 20, he went traveling around the world. While working as an illustrator, he worked on the illustrated book “ALL WORLD” for 6 years.

In the year in which he finished the book, he presented it at Bologna Children’s Book Fair, in which authors and publishers from all over the world participate. Here, he received favorable reviews from people of many countries and he made a contract with a Spanish publisher, which had shown him particular understanding.

All World Cover

all world

author:  Sota Fukushima

publication date:  2018/03/29

size:  W:18cm x H25.5cm

binding:  Hardback with dust jacket

number of pages:  96 pages

age:  +12 years

languages:  Spanish, English, Japanese

publisher:  Ediciones Babylon